Saturday, February 21, 2015

TV Shows You Should Be Wasting Your Time On

I watch a lot of tv shows thanks to Netflix which I have let destroy my life. I watch new shows, old shows and super old shows that have already ended that Im just getting into. I've been wasting my time watching House, Bobs Burgers, the new tv show Backstrom, Parks and Recreation and Im currently rewatching Criminal Minds. Yup, I waste a lot of my time watching tv shows and just tv in general but I still have time to hang out with friends, go to work and surprisingly still do homework. 
House an old tv show I used to watch but I stopped because of Jennifer Morrison's character annoyed the crap out of me, but because I liked the Hugh Laurie's character I started to watch again. Overall this show is funny and has a good story, even though some characters annoy me, I suggest you should waste your time watching it.

 Bob's Burgers is a HILARIOUS show! This is the show I watch when I get home after dealing with the stupidity of school. This show just makes me laugh and just makes me happy. Louise is my favorite character in the show she is what I wish I was like, actually no but she is super funny. The characters voices are awesome and funny and actors voices such as Nick Offerman appear in the tv show. This is a great show people should waste their time watching. 

Backstrom is a new detective tv show, its kind of like the tv show House but in detective form. The main reason I watch is because of Rainn Wilson but overall its an okay tv show. The show needs that extra kind of something to make it great like a better story line but what do I know about producing tv shows. People need to give this tv show a try and see if its worth wasting their time. 

Parks and Rec is a SUPER HILARIOUS show, if you're not watching this show what the hell are you doing with your life. Amy Poehler's character is awesome some times annoying but awesome. Ron Swanson played by Nick Offerman is amazing by far my favorite character on the tv show. Aziz Ansari's character is super funny, everyone in that tv show is just genuinely funny and awesome. Im really sad that the tv show's final episodes will be this coming Tuesday. This should be a tv show that you're currently                                                             wasting your time on. 

Criminal Minds reminds me of the tv show Supernatural because it scared the crap out of me. Its a great tv show if you're interested on crime and FBI profiling. I enjoy the characters on the show, this show really shows you what kind of crimes humans are able to commit and for that reason Im contemplating on taking self defense lessons. This show could be the one that you should think about before actually watching cause it does touch on rape and everything horrible that a person can think about. 
I watch a lot more tv shows then these but I'll save them for another time, so go waste your time and watch some tv while eating some delicious steak.  

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